What Does The Half Moon Symbol Mean On Iphone

The half moon symbol on the iPhone is the battery life indicator. When you see this symbol, it means that your battery is running low and you should charge it as soon as possible. If you ignore the half moon symbol and continue to use your iPhone, it will eventually die and you’ll be left without a phone.

what does the half moon symbol mean on iphone

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Why do I have a moon next to my text message?

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s a crescent moon next to some of your text messages, it’s because you’ve enabled the Do Not Disturb feature! This feature silences all incoming notifications, so the crescent moon is a visual indication that your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode. You can enable Do Not Disturb manually by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb, or you can schedule it to turn on and off automatically at certain times of day.

How do I get rid of the crescent moon icon on my iPhone?

Assuming you are referring to the crescent moon icon next to a contact in the Messages app: This icon indicates that you have Do Not Disturb enabled for that contact. When Do Not Disturb is enabled for a contact, you will not receive notifications for their messages.

To disable Do Not Disturb for a contact, open the Messages app, tap the contact, tap , then tap Do Not Disturb.


The half moon symbol on the iPhone is the battery saver mode. When this mode is enabled, your iPhone will automatically dim the screen and reduce background activity in order to conserve battery power.

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